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Frequent questions

Rapid adjusting and color stability

Avantaj 1.56 Helio lenses, based on SunSensors® technology from Corning are made from high quality organic material which contains photochromic cells. These cells are distributed evenly in the whole material of the lens and not only on the surface, providing a natural darkening, equal on the whole surface of the lens. Photochromic cells are activated in successive layers during the functionalitty period of the lens for extended lifetime. Photochromic molecules inside the lens are activated by the UV rays of the Sun.

The anti-reflection treatment is recommended for durability and improved optic and cosmetic quality. Inside, with anti-reflection treatment, the lenses will be clear and transparent.

By wearing the SunSensors® lenses you benefit of uniform reactive tinting on the whole surface of the lens for comfort in every situation, for longer time.

Practical material, index 1.56 - lighter and thinner lenses.