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Personalized lenses
Personalized lenses

Top customization with AOT    

Perso main characteristics are the customization of the base curve system for each prescription and surface processing using Free Form technology. Perso design lenses are optimized all over the surface and customized taking into account the optic power and the pupillary distance, ensuring excellent visual performances and good peripheral sight, up to the edge of the lens. . Free Form processing offers the best clarity of the image and surface aesthetics.


AOT for superior optic performances

Conventional design of the lenses is realized using standard parameters. But what happens if the wearer parameters differ from the standard?

  • the eyes look through the aberrations zone
  • discomfort and unclear view appear
  • the positioning of visual fields modifies for progressives and degressives
  • there are difficulties in utilizing the near zone for progressive lenses

Point to point surface processing technology - Free Form and AOT optimization permits the lenses to be produced with the highest level of customization. The result -  lenses as unique as the person who wears them.


Perso portfolio



        Customized aspherical single vision lenses

  • customization depending on the diopter and pupillary distance
  • calculated for the wearing position - the result, a good peripheral sight
  • clear and aesthetic lenses, thinner and lighter than conventional lenses from the same material 

           Customized aspherical degressive lenses
  • customization depending on the diopter and pupillary distance
  • lenses for presbyopia for near and intermediate vision
  • recommended to all customers who do not want to be limited by the characteristics of the standard near vision glasses, offering maximum visual comfort at small and medium distance.
  • dynamic degression, addapted to each addition
  • available in three design types: Book (ideal for reading), PC (ideal for working at the computer), Room (ideal for indoor activities)



        Customized aspherical progressive lenses

  • customized progressive design for each wearer, taking into account each prescription and pupillary distance
  • extended visual fields
  • minimum reduced aberrations
  • comfortable near vision by eliminating oblique astigmatism
  Customization benefits

Clear and comfortable vision for each wearer, regardless of the lens type, single vision, progressive or degressive.

Quality lenses, made in Romania, using last generation German technology

100% accommodation, zero risk for the optician and the client

Attractive price, adapted to Romanian market

Safe products, originality and quality guaranteed by Interoptik marking.