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Sun and Sport
Sun and Sport

Optimized for curved frames

Interoptik Sport range are customized lenses, perfectly optimized for extra-curved sunglasses or sport frames. Because of AOT, the aspherical/atoric base curve system is customized for each prescription and is realized on the back surface of the lens, with Free Form technology.


In case of sport frames or extra-curved sunglasses (with base curve higher than 8 degree) the following problems may appear:

  • lateral prismatic effect (due to the base curve of the frame and the angle between the lenses)
  • oblique astigmatism (due to the pantoscopic inclination)
  • refraction vices (due to the change standard base curve of the lenses 

These effects are the result of technical changes and are reduced by optimizing the base curve system for each case. Extracurved with Optimization lenses have the base curve system calculated and produced taking into account the parameters of the frame and special conditions during use, so as to obtaining an optimal vision.


Sport Portfolio

Are single vision lenses specially designed for sport and sun, made using Free Form technology and optimized all over surface, according to personal visual needs and the chosen frame.


Modern progressive lenses for sport frames and sunglasses, specially designed for optimum use of far zone. Perfect for driving, sport and outdoor trips. The progressive sport design is conceived for use of the far zone, offering maximum comfort and having the advantage of not using  more pairs of glasses and frequently change them.


Materials and colors

Sport lenses are available in a wide range of indexes and materials:

  • SunPolar - self-tintitng lenses with polarized filter which blocks the bright reflections caused by horizontal surfaces. Recommended to drivers, fishermen, skiers and those who do outdoor activities. 
  • DriveWear - Photochromic performance, polarized filter and increasing contrast effect in one lens, specially designed for using inside the car (where normal photochromic lenses lose efficiency). Besides the photochromatic effect these lenses have a polarized filter which blocks the bright reflections caused by horizontal surfaces. Specially designed for driving. 
  • Sport and Drive tinting- Modern and beautiful colors. Offers adequate tints, perfect for driving or different sport activities, geographic zones or seasons.







Ice Blue 








Blue Blocker