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100 persons. 19 technological operations. 1 quality lens.               

Interoptik technologies          

Interoptik lenses are processed using modern German technology. For the wearer this materialize in:

  • precise and stable diopters
  • wide and balanced visual fields
  • aberrations reduced to minimum

Free Form technology. Premiere in Romania!                     

Free Form processing represents an important technological evolution in Interoptik history and a premiere in Romania.

Point by point surface processing technology permits the lenses to be manufactured using the highest level of customization, the prescription, the individual parameters and visual needs are taken into account in order to calculate  the base curve system. Using automatic processing CNC machines, the surfaces are milled and polished with an accuracy of one micron.

The optimized and improved polishing for each material provides high clarity and maximum comfort in wearing, wide visual fields, without aberrations.


Atorical Optimization Technology. Top customization.                                        

AOT is the optimization technology of the base curve system for each prescription and surface processing using Free Form technology.

  • customized design for each prescription, realized on the back surface of the lens
  • based on the prescription there are analyzed 6400 different visual angles, how the eye looks through the lens
  • optimized base curve system through computerized technology, for natural movement of the eye
  • wide visual fields, comfortable, easy accommodation
  • reducing the oblique astigmatism at the periphery of the lens
  • almost complete elimination of Swim effect

Central Thickness Optimization. Adequate thickness in any point.                        

CTO permits the calculation and realization of lens thickness in maximum performance parameters for a nice look. CTO processing may be used for:

  • Reducing the thickness in the center taking into account the shape of the frame
  • Optimizing the lenses for glazing into rimless frames
  • Balancing different thicknesses because of high diopter differences

CTO processing is very precise, being realized through Free Form technology and taking into account a wide range of parameters: the shape, dimensions and type of the frame, glazing parameters and minimum desired thicknesses. The result is aesthetic lenses, balanced, perfect for the chosen frame.