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Rodenstock lenses – your lenses. Expect for the best. 

Rodenstock plays the role of the leader in developing modern lenses for glasses. Rodenstock 's philosophy is one of innovative solutions, so the view to be again as natural and comfortable as possible. Take advantage of our experience of over 140 years in designing, developing and production of glasses lenses. Wear high quality lenses which offer maximum comfort in wearing, safety and good look.

Every lens is an artwork!

There are lenses and lenses - even if at first you do not feel the difference. With Rodenstock, your quality brand, you chose quality, tradition and safety. Behind our products lay years of research and development, that may hardly be copied. Quality manufacture, precise processing and good finishing are the things that form the base of Rodenstock products.

The core of our actions is the individual. Our purpose is to offer to everyone the most natural and comfortable vision.

Why Rodenstock ?
10 good reasons to choose Rodenstock brand lenses:

1. More than 140 years of experience in production of innovative and high-quality lenses.

2. Tailored solutions for natural and comfortable vision.

3. Especially  thin and light lenses thanks to special grinding.

4. Premium materials processed with High-Tech coatings.

5. Homogenius Technology for crystal-clear lenses and brilliant colour reproduction.

6. With UV protection, important for the sensitive eye area.

7. Strict quality controls, far beyond the German industry standard (DIN/ISO).

8. Six month satisfaction guarantee and 24 month quality guarantee.
9. Including brand certificate and discrete R trademark.

10. Award-winning, including German Inovation Award .

Find out more about the Universe of Rodenstock lenses: