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Solitaire® Protect Plus
Solitaire® Protect Plus

Solitaire® Protect Plus - complete protection for a long time

PerformancePlus factor - the best protection from any viewpoint

Solitaire® Protect Plus is the new premium treatment from Rodenstock with innovative PerformancePlus factor (optimum effect for all characteristics) which offers excellent protection for a long time and permanent crystal clear view. Advanced brand treatment for complete protection and permanent clear view, Solitaire® Protect Plus meets the most demanding expectations.

  • Premium top coat
  • Premium anti-reflection
  • Premium hardening

                  Without anti-reflection                            With Solitaire® Protect Plus

Excellent protection against scratches and weather conditions

The scratch resistance is the main reason why the clients choose a premium treatment. The previous generations of Rodenstock Solitaire offers already a very good scratch resistance, and Solitaire® Protect Plus is 100% more scratch resistant from the previous generation and 10 times more resistant than a lens with no treatment.

Robust in any climate: heat, humidity, cold - the new treatment is now more resistant to temperature variations, and all weather conditions.

What is the Rodenstock secret of so significant improvement of the treatment from one generation to another? The solution for a significant optimization of the scratch resistance and weather conditions is the plasma assisted technology in applying the anti-reflection treatment. This forms the base for an innovative hybrid system composed from organic and inorganic layers. For Solitaire® Protect Plus, these extremely resistant but very elastic layers, were ideally combined. The result is a stable system of layers with extraordinary resistance and the best adhesion.

High transmission and optimal reflection reduction 

The elimination of annoying reflections is an essential point in traffic safety, especially when driving at night or bad weather. The reflections minimizing produces extremely clear lenses for a good look and attractive sight.

The static load is one of the reasons why the dust and dirt adhere to the lens (especially after the lens cleaning). Solitaire® Protect Plus is created with a special anti-static system of layers: optimum composition and superposition of the materials from anti-reflection layers prevent the static load and rejects the dust. The result - more easy and rare cleaning of the lenses

Without anti-reflection

With Solitaire® Protect Plus

OneWipe effect - cleaning with one pass of the cloth             

The new Solitaire® Protect Plus treatment from Rodenstock is efficient against grease and water. The liquid doesn't leave any trail on the lens.

The last generation treatment, based on nanotechnology, rejects the dust, dirt and liquids, the lenses stay clan for a long time. And when is needed, the cleaning is easy, with one pass of the cloth over the lens.