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3D Video Measurement
3D Video Measurement

ImpressionIST® from Rodenstock - the base of the perfect view

Released in 2000, world premiere in lens individualization technology, ILT (Individual Lens Technology) imposed new standards in optics, being a great success. Rodenstock continuously developed the individualization process, reaching today, at the tenth anniversary, 10 Impression®  top products and 100% individualization.

Why ImpressionIST®?

For the optician, successfully selling of quality progressive lenses implies the exact measurement of the wearer parameters and gaining the client trust by offering logic information and practical examples.

The Integrated Services Terminal - ImpressionIST®  from Rodenstock offers complete and interactive consultancy, combining four essential functions: 

  • complete interactive information terminal
  • presentation and consultancy in choosing the frame
  • 3D video system of centering and measuring
  • lenses performances presentation

Interactive information terminal

ImpressionIST®  permits the client to access information by the interactive touchscreen. Easy and simple to use. There can be viewed: the Rodenstock products presentation and the benefits of them, optics information and explanations, web links to optics sites.

Presentation and consultancy in choosing the frame

Practical support embedded in the device for frame presentation. It has a photo function, very useful for the clients with poor sight or for those who want someone else advice, the photos can be printed.

3D Video System for centering and measuring

Unique system. Extremely precise measurements. There are determined also the individual parameters of each wearer and the design parameters. Safe and easy to use system. A picture is being made of the client with the frame adjusted in the wearing position. The important points are easy to select directly on the touchscreen monitor. The 3D calculation is done automatically and the individual and design parameters are printed. They may be transmitted to the producer or may be listed.

Presentation of the lens types and their performances

The interactive system permits the complete informing of the client for choosing the perfect lenses, through the Impression® Consulting Rodenstock complex program. Direct comparison of different materials and indexes. Comparison of design types for the progressive lenses, with advantages and disadvantages. Online calculation of fields for each client, using the individual parameters, with the possibility to modify and compare.